Marian’s Declassifed: When the Wi-Fi goes out


You walk into school on a rainy Monday morning. You’re tired, stressed, and more than a little caffeinated. You get out your iPad. Then you notice the unthinkable: there’s no Wi-Fi. Fear not, there are ve easy steps to surviving a Wi-Fi shutdown.

1. Instead of watching Net ix or playing Hay Day before school, catch up with your friends! You’ll most likely have your iPad out all day for classes. Take this time to appreciate conversation without having electronics in the way.

2. An interesting phenomenon called the library exists in the school. Shock- ingly, it has tons of information, along with some cool books. Check it out!

3. Since your iPad is virtually useless until the Wi-Fi is back, take the time to put away all distractions and listen fully and completely during class. Appre- ciate having to work out answers in your mind instead of giving it a quick Google search. Isn’t it nice not having to worry about checking e-mail or grades every 10 minutes?

4. In study hall, try actually doing homework, or at least catching up on your sleep, instead of taking Buzzfeed quizzes, scrolling through Pinterest or playing Stop against your friends. You’ll feel much better at the end of the day when you have one less assignment to complete.

5. If the Wi-Fi goes down at your house right before you have to submit that giant research paper, fear not. I’ve found neighbors are very understanding when it comes to this predicament. Otherwise, you could just turn your paper in ahead of time. Don’t shoot the messenger; we were all thinking it.

Bonus point: You are a con dent, independent, thinking, leader! You don’t need Wi-Fi to have a successful day at school or a fun day with friends. Even if the Wi-Fi is on, try to put electronics away for a little while so you can connect with your friends and maybe even get some work done.

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