Servite Corner: Sr. Lucille Beaulieu, OSM



Sr. Lucille Beaulieu, OSM

Everyone knows someone who instantly grabs his or her attention as an overall kind hearted person.

He or she may show compassion, charitability, or a friendly, easygoing quality about them. Sr. Lucille Beaulieu is all this and more.

Originally from Massena, NY, Sr. Lucille grew up on the Canadi- an border in
a family of 13. Her family spoke both French and English at home. The desire to become a religious sister came early on for her. She wastaught in school by Servite nuns, who influenced her life and values greatly. “Hearing them teach, watching them teach, just
being with them … I spent a lot of time with them,” Sr. Lucille said.

Sr. Lucille came to Omaha after retiring, but this is not her first time living here. She taught at St. Rose School on 13th Street for eight years in the early 1960s, before it closed. She has also lived in Scottsbluff, Albion, Sioux City, and Welby, Colo. Sr. Lucille spent a year in Gouvieux, France for an exchange program as well. There, she taught English and worked at a school for disabled children. She also had the opportunity to visit Lourdes, describing the overall time in France as “a year of experiences.”

After being at Marian for two years, Sr. Lucille has found her niche with the Decade Darlings, a club that meets every day after school in the chapel to pray a decade of the Rosary. “When girls invited us to come over, I started coming. I decided that’s one thing I like to do. I’m always interested in kids,” Sr. Lucille said. She also came over to Marian for the Mission Week Servite luncheon, to pray at the Thanksgiving prayer service, and encourages other sisters to come to Decade Darlings.

In her free time, Sr. Lucille can be seen reading, doing crossword puzzles, and, of course, praying. As for her favorite part of Marian: “I think it’s just the camaraderie, the care and thoughtfulness of the girls. What I see, I think there’s just an overall love for each person,” Sr. Lucille said.

“People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did. But people will never forget how you made them feel,” is a quote that Sr. Lucille tries to live by. “I think that’s what my parish work has been all about,” she said. This quote certainly sums up Sr. Lucille’s mission, em- bracing each person she meets with warmth and kindness.

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