Teacher Speak Out: Freshman vs. Seniors


Freshmen are just starting out on their Marian journey. Seniors, on the other hand, have had nearly four years to grow and change. The Network was curious about how the two grade levels experience high school differently. Here is what a few teachers who teach or have taught both ninth and 12th graders in the same year have to say.

Mrs. Kim Remmick

IMG_7783Freshman classes: World History, Homeroom – Senior class: AP European History

“As the year progresses, for the freshmen I see fewer differences because they’re ma- turing. You can still tell seniors are very com- fortable in their skin, and the freshmen are trying to find their way. Freshman hallway is louder; there’s a lot less sleeping.”

Ms. Megan Piernicky

IMG_7778Previous freshman class: CP & Honors Composition and Literature – Senior classes: AP English Language and Composition, World Literature, Homeroom

“I love the energy that ninth grade brings! There’s innocence and enthusiasm for school. There’s this excitement that overhangs being in ninth grade. By the 12th grade, the nov- elty has worn off a bit. By the time you’re a 12th grader, you’ve honed in on what your passions are. The air feels different for 12th graders. [They] are a little more jaded. [They’re] starting to figure out the big picture.”

Ms. Susie Sisson

IMG_7775Previous freshman class: CP & Honors Composition and Literature, Homeroom – Senior class: International Issues

“Older students have a stronger sense of who they are. Freshmen are still figuring that out, which is completely normal. Confidence with seniors leads to stronger and deeper friendships and relationships with people. Freshmen are still sorting that out a little bit. I think in both groups of students, I see a very natural curiosity. Teaching at Marian
is unique, because our students are a little more intellectually curious. With seniors, … they’re a little more eager to learn how the world works.”

Mrs. Linda Brock

Freshman class: Honors Biology I, Homeroom – Senior class: Anatomy & Physiology

“The stress for seniors is different. Seniors, first semester, are so focused on getting accepted into their university, so they’re time bombs ready to explode. Then you deal with senioritis second semester. Near the end, they’ve been waiting for this all four years, for May, and now they’re not so ready to leave. They’re kind of like freshmen when they first got here, afraid of the unknown, so they revert back to freshmen emotions— fear of the unknown.”


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