An Ice Cream Social of Sorts: Alum Shares Local Business Success Story


Alum Shares Local Business Success Story

I scream! You scream! We all scream for ice cream!

eCreamery is a well-known ice cream vendor and has an excellent reputation. But many do not know much more about it outside of its exceptional frozen treats. On March 15, the owner of eCreamery and Marian alumn, Abby Klusmire Jordan ‘96, came to Marian to tell her story during Lunch with a Leader.

This impressive leader had long been sought after by Marian’s Director of Alumnae Relations Nancy Casey, who had said, “She was always on the list as someone we wanted to come speak. We always want to find people who are interesting to students. We use the Lunch with a Leader to expose girls to different professions and it was timely to have her because of Field Day. It’s been a long time coming trying to get her here.”

Raised in an Italian family, Jordan knew she always wanted to work with food and make it into a career. Although she says that ice cream in particular is not her passion, she loves what she does. She said that it is most fulfilling because she is very self-driven and wants to make a difference.

She began her working career at Hayneedle where she developed websites to showcase and advertise various products. It was while working there that the opportunity to create and run an online ice cream business arose and Jordan leapt at the chance.

Running a business in general is challenging enough. Along with having to oversee human resources, manage the shop, and fulfill the e-commerce and shipping, Jordan had to overcome the formidable marketing aspect. With its small marketing budget, eCreamery did not have enough funds to pay for advertising in conventional ways.

“We felt like we were whispering our message,”

eCreamery speaker (1)

Abby Jordan ’96 presents the idea of putting eCreamery ice cream in HyVee stores. It was greatly supported by Marian students. Photo by carmenmiller

Jordan confessed.

In order to accomplish her advertising goals, Jordan developed a plan entitled “Operation Get It In Their Mouths.” She began sending out messages to talk shows and magazines, offering a free sample of the ice cream in exchange for a review to be published or broadcast. She appeared on Oprah, The View, Shark Tank, and even had the opportunity to cater Martha Stewart’s capstone party.

eCreamery Gourmet Ice Cream, Sorbet, and Gelato formed in 2007 and is approaching its 10 year anniversary. It began as a small, online business that catered ice cream gifts. It has since evolved into the ice cream parlor (located at 5001 Underwood Ave), that we are more familiar with. During its beginning years, it wasn’t nearly as popular as it is today, but with the use of clever marketing, it has thrived in the Omaha area and has supplied Marian’s Field Day with ice cream for over five years, making it one of Marian’s more recent, and tastiest, tradition.

Because Jordan wishes to give back to the Marian community, a portion of the sale of the Field Day ice cream is contributed directly back to Marian. So, if you are looking to try something new, consider gifting a pint of avocado, spicy thai peanut, or the strategic air and space candy bomber ice cream!

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