Blurred lines: Is parking really that hard?



Keepin’ It Real With KConst

Driving is a blessing. You can go wherever you want, whenever you want (as long as your parents are okay with it). However, sometimes getting from point A to point B is a lot harder than it sounds. Sometimes it seems as though the entire city of Omaha decided to drive and hog up the roads all at once. There are slow drivers, construction zones, accidents, random horses downtown, city buses, and other unforeseen delays, yet here in our very own parking lot, there are so many more things going wrong.

At Marian, our parking skills are a little subpar and that is OKAY! As long as you are in the lines and not overlapping PLEASE DO NOT TRY TO REPARK IT FIVE TIMES! You are holding up the line of people trying to park in the morning. Also, do not park in carpool lot if you do not have one that day. I personally do not have this problem, but there is not a full week that goes by without some complaining about this.

If you skip spots, chances are you are highly disliked among your peers. I understand that it is difficult to pull into the last spot in a row or try to make it into the first spot in the L. But it’s even worse thinking there are no spots left in upper lot, parking in soph lot, then walking up to realize that there was a skipped

Also, real quick, do not have a pow wow by your car in the morning when people are trying to park. It’s annoying and not nice so, just walk in with your pals and talk in the hall, not in an open parking spot.

Everyone gets here at the literal crack of dawn to get a spot in upper lot. I just want to sleep in a little and still know I can get a good spot. During my freshman year, my carpool and I arrived at school at 7:20 or 7:25 and almost always found a spot in upper lot. This year, if you are not here by 7:10, you can be sure you will have to park in soph lot and have to walk up the dreaded hill. Some people have just accepted this fact and decided they would rather sleep in or get some Dunkin co
ffee than get a spot in upper lot. As for me, I prefer coffee over a spot in upper lot any day. Caffeine is a necessary part of my day and a little walk is nothing major in comparison to what my day would be if I didn’t have a good cup of coffee.

Now, after school, can we all agree to take a break? Cutting people off, racing out of the lot, and not letting others go is just rude. We are all friends here who all want to go home. Also, if you are I one of those people who are driving up from soph lot trying to get out, you DO NOT have the right of way. You have a stop sign and no one else does. You just have to wait until a kind person lets you go.

There are two stop signs in Marian’s parking lot, yet no one seems to acknowledge them. I mean do you see them, I’m not making this up, right? Some days it seems as though I am the only one who notices them. The first is the previously mentioned one coming up from soph lot. The other is when you are driving to upper lot right at the bottom of the first aisle. This one is constantly run-through and that’s a major issue. By not stopping at the sign, you are running the risk of hitting pedestrians walking up from soph lot.

I get it. We are all trying to limit our walk each day, despite our Fitbits telling us to park in soph lot to get all our steps in. Sometimes the parking lot is crazy after school, almost as if you are out on the streets. But, if everyone just follows these simple, common sense rules, we can all get along and get to home or work in a timely fashion.

That’s all for this time around folks. Drive safe, listen to your favorite jams, and remember that your driving skills do not define you.  


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