Dress to Impress: Marian brings back uniform sweatshirt, sock options


Have you ever walked into that ONE class, bracing yourself as the chills of the icy tundra set in, wanting nothing more than to pull on a comfy sweatshirt even though it’s not quite Wednesday?

Now, you can do just that. Maybe not any sweatshirt, but administration is excited to announce, starting in the 2016-2017 school year, students will be able to wear the royal blue Marian quarter zip pictured below.

The pull-over will be a uniform option for each day of the week. However, students will need to wear a blue uniform polo underneath, not just a t-shirt.

The sweatshirt idea was proposed to Principal Susie Sullivan last July by senior Mairin Rochford, while volunteering at the Winnebago Indian Reservation. “I have to say no so often in my position, so it’s very fun and exciting to finally be able to say yes to such a reasonable idea like this,” Sullivan said.

The royal blue quarter zips will be available for purchase at the Bluetique.

Along with the new sweatshirt addition, Marian girls will also now be able to wear white socks. Talk about not having to worry about matching two different colored grey socks when you run out!

“I’m so excited. I can’t wait to finally put all of my white socks to good use without getting in trouble. Plus, the pull-overs are warmer than the sweaters so that will rock!” junior Morgan Hobbs said.

White socks must still be six inches from the floor, as do the black and grey socks.


Delaney Gunn ’18 models the new uniform sweatshirt option.


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