Varsity soccer kicks off the season with team bonding

J1 Reporter Natalie Plewa

Marian is known for two things: its athletics and its sisterhood.

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Varsity Soccer Team photo from Yearbook

Varsity soccer players combine their skills with the sisterhood that keeps everyone together.

“Already you can tell that this team is closer than it was last year,” sophomore varsity member Laurel Edwards said.

Her older sister, Mallory Edwards, one of the varsity captains, said she thinks that the closeness of the team is due to the team bonding events.

“We had team bonding at a high ropes course, so that helped us bond,” Mallory said. She also talked about the team’s group chat and members hanging out outside of soccer. The two captains were both amazed by the incoming freshmen.

“I was very surprised by how not shy the freshmen are. When I was a freshman I was intimidated by the seniors, but they talk non-stop to us,” Mallory said.

All three of the freshmen on varsity this year said the seniors were great at making them feel welcome.

“They make us feel like we’ve been a part of the team for more than just one month,” Lily Gonzalez, one of the freshmen on varsity, said.

“This year I was nervous to be on the team with all new girls, but all the seniors were super nice and made a point to involve everyone,” Kira Bravo, also a freshman on varsity, said.

Another freshman on the team, Mia McGrath said, “It helped carpooling with a senior, Lily Boyle, too.”

This team has formed a close bond already, and the captains believe their closeness will show in how they play this season.

“So far this season has been going really well, so I hope we keep that up, continue to work as a team, and hopefully go to State,” Ellie Begley, a varsity captain, said.

With this team growing closer as the season goes on, there is no doubt that they will continue to improve and continue on the road to state.


For the Win. No. 2 Molly Kuehl ’16 steals the ball from a Bellevue West player at a varsity match up at Marian on Monday, April 4. Marian proceeded to win, 7-0. Photo by Natalie Plewa.

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