Grease is the word: the controversy is hair washing

commentary by victoriaackermann

Society often undervalues the magic of five minutes. In that time you could cook an EasyMac, pay some bills, tell your mom you love her, or wash your hair. Five minutes with two good friends called shampoo and conditioner could completely change your life.

Now, there have been rumors floating around that you’re supposed to wash your hair every other day, but there are very few people who follow this. A majority of friends and classmates either wash their hair once a day or once a month. Where does this drastic range come from? What encourages people to, or to not, wash their hair?

When thinking of someone who washes her hair frequently, someone who really has her life together comes to mind. After asking various avid hair-washers why they practice this ritual every day, they all delivered similar responses.

“I like my hair to feel soft and clean at all times.”

“It gets greasy super fast and I hate the feeling of it.”

“I enjoy my daily shower time and like to live it to the fullest.”

Now, all of these contentions are reasonable and understandable, but a hair-washing shower isn’t something one can just squeeze in at any time. It takes planning, precision, and around 45 minutes of precious time.

More often than not, people face the moral dilemma of having to choose between washing their hair or going to bed at a reasonable hour.

Perhaps this is why apathetic hair-washer junior Mia Lahood  replied with “ain’t nobody got time for that,” when asked about her practice.


This information is from 280 student responses in the April Google survey. graphic by sydneymonahan

Some apathetic hair-washers take a scientific approach for their reasoning by saying that washing their hair less makes their hair less greasy and is better for the scalp.

According to WebMD, it is beneficial for hair to be dirty as the oils in it moisturize naturally and protect the scalp and hair. Those with fine hair and those who work out frequently should wash their hair daily in order to keep the amount of oil from becoming too great and harming their hair. The thicker the hair, the less one needs to wash it. So sit back and relax thick-haired friends, science is finally on your side.

Hair washing is one of the many necessities of life that people can choose to deal with as frequently or infrequently as they like. How frequently one washes her hair depends on how put together her life is.

When things are going well, it’s every other day, but when life is more brutal, it’s less constant. In high school, it depends on the type of week life presents.

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