Life is a little less RUFF with man’s best friend


Hi, my name is Anna and I am an avid dog lover. I will stand by my opinion on dogs until the day I die. Dogs are indeed the most beautiful, affectionate creatures to walk this Earth. Yes, I may be pretty biased because nearly everyone I know likes dogs, but honestly, HOW can you not!?

I have two golden retrievers, Bentley and Stella, and I am 100 percent in love with them. Dogs are completely God-sent. No animal is as gentle and amiable as a man’s best friend. Anyone with dogs of his or her own will understand what I am talking about here (except Ellie).

I am not totally opposed to cats, but frankly, they are not my dearest furry friends. I promise I will not put cats down in this column, but just remember….dogs are literally so much better.

To make this a little bit easier, I have also put together a list of the reasons why dogs are so incredible.imgres

Reason 1: Large. The bigger and fluffier the animal, the better! I want to be able to put human clothes on my dogs, and you should aspire to do so too. That’s all.

Reason 2: KISSES! Slobbery dog kisses are the most desirable things to receive when getting home from school. How could someone not enjoy them? They make me realize how much dogs truly love their owners!

Reason 3: Dogs actually don’t care. They accept me for who I am and what I do. Most of the time, I think that my two dogs love me more than my family does.

This is not a joke at all. Dogs don’t care about how messy my room is. They don’t care if I get my homework done either. They are LITERALLY the perfect best friends.

I am utterly convinced that dogs are everything I’ve ever wanted or needed in my life.

Frankly, I do not need anything or anyone else at this point. I could go on forever about how great dogs are, but it’s time to be done.

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