Marian girl and the seven classes: Study hall has become my personal godmother


“Okay, let’s see,” I think after a hard seven hours of, well, thinking. “I have a paper due for Lit which should take about an hour. After that, I have two chapters to read for government, so add another two hours. Then, math corrections will probably take another hour. Maybe I’ll finish physics today; that’ll be another half hour.”

I sigh, trying to exhale all of my urges to go downstairs and eat an entire package of Oreos out of stress. This is usually how my nights go as a student at Marian. I come home from school ready to relax, when in all actuality, I should probably be starting my next tasks for the evening.


Morgan, columnist. Photo Illustration by Vicki Ackermann

Study hall is my safe haven. It is the sanctuary, the uncovered jewel in my schedule. I look forward to it more than any other class of the day. When I learned people weren’t taking study halls sophomore year, I was aghast. Why would you not want to give your brain a 42 minute break from the endless American history lectures and mind-boggling chemistry projects?! People claimed they didn’t use the period, that it took up a spot in their schedule.

However, even if I didn’t use my study hall to get ahead (or more commonly, in my case, catch up), I would still welcome it with open arms. Having time to unwind in between all of my hectic, fast-paced classes is much appreciated. For that reason, I cannot fathom taking 8 classes a day. The mere thought tightens my throat and sends chills down my spine.

I understand that there are a lot of interesting, unique classes to take at Marian and only a limited amount of time to complete them all, especially when you take in the amount of classes that are required to graduate. The fact that I’m sitting here as a junior and have not taken handbells yet is outrageous. Freshman me was all over that.

But in my time here, I’ve realized I would much rather have that time out of my schedule than cram another class into my already-overloaded schedule. Not only that, but actually using study hall gives me a whole new advantage. Those 42 minutes make it very easy for me to knock out an assignment or two, and it’s during the day while I’m still in my school mindset. I come home already having the upper hand over some people because I’ve had the time to complete assignments that they didn’t.

For example, this very article is brought to you by my Block C study hall, to whom I am eternally grateful. Thanks kid, for everyone knows I couldn’t do it without you.

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