Marian girls vs Twitter: The ultimate Field Day beefdown

commentary by victoriaackermann

Beef: (noun) to have a grudge or start one with another person.

Thanks to Twitter, 140 characters is all it can take to start some major beef. Much like the saying “one spark starts a fire,” the same goes for tweets. One controversial tweet can start a long string of angsty and defensive tweets that seem to be never-ending.

Unfortunately, Marian students are often the targets of these “controversial” tweets and it’s up to us to be the confident, independent, thinking leaders we are and dodge these bullets.

For whatever reason, students at other schools like to antagonize Marian students via the Twitter. Whether it be about joyous traditions, such as Field Day or Surprise Day, or just about the “authenticity” of Marian as an academic establishment overall, the tweets are frequent. At least once a week I see a tweet from a male on my timeline making fun of Marian in one way or another. Now that Field Season is upon us, these negative tweets are far too common.

Field Day is a fun and anticipated time for any Marian girl. It is also an anticipated time for an angsty student of another school who likes to express his or her “displeasure” with the event on social media. I am almost convinced that these individuals make anti-Field Day tweets year long and save them in their drafts, just waiting for the proper time to release them to the world.

Typically, it’s the same few individuals who make an effort every year to get the “most popular” tweet playing at Field Day and the joy it causes students. While I appreciate their efforts, I have to question why they are spending so much time and energy on mocking other people’s happiness.    

Not only is it just these “brave” tweets that fill up my timeline, but it’s also the Marian students who try to defend their honor. While I commend my fellow Crusaders and what they’re trying to do, I just have to say that it’s not worth it.

These individuals tweet these things to get a reaction, and while I have no doubt you are capable of putting them in their place, I say let the children have their little fun. They aren’t worth our energy and efforts. Because, in the end, Marian students have Field Day and we get to have the real fun.

I’m at least 97 percent sure that there are better things these people could be doing than trying to belittle people’s happiness on social media, like going for a walk or petting a dog. I know they’ll be cool amongst their peers and maybe even get a few retweets or follows from their “comedic masterpiece,” but is it really worth it? Is it worth filling up my timeline with things other than mouthwatering recipes and equally mouthwatering pictures of Zac Efron with the same useless conflict I see every year during the month of April? Absolutely not.

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