Omaha Fashion Week puts students on the runway


A few Marian girls participated or attended the Omaha Fashion Week this past month (March 15-20), which they claim to be the fifth largest fashion event in the nation. The girls held a variety of positions, including models while others were some proud friends.

Senior Kate Ruffalo modeled Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and seemed to enjoy it a lot. “It’s always a very fun event to be a part of because you get to know so many girls from other schools…on Saturday we put together a Cane’s fund and had Cane’s catered backstage (very important),” Ruffalo said.

Senior Mary Kiscoan, on the other hand, acted as a proud friend. “I was THAT loud and obnoxious ‘proud mom’ screaming my friends’ names as they walked down the runway while all the chic, important people elegantly peered over their shoulders to watch my friends strut their stuff,” Kiscoan said.

The girls continue to inspire other Marian girls because of their part in such an important event for Omaha.

Some girls took a chance and modeled for the first time! “It was my first year modeling and it was so cool! I was in the Sunday night beauty show and I modeled accessories. It was really fun to wear all of the expensive accessories for the night!” junior Emily Kleinschmit said.

All of the models have put in a vast amount of work, and it obviously paid off, looking at the beautiful photos and runway shots.

Stay updated to possibly see these girls and more in the next Omaha Fashion Show next spring.

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