Servite Corner: Sr. Kerry Larkin, O.S.M.


With a welcoming demeanor and warm smile, it comes as no surprise that Sister Kerry Larkin is a longtime Servant of Mary. In fact, for the past 48 years, Sister Kerry has been developing her relationship not only with God as a Servite but also with the other sisters.


Kerry & Company from left to right: Ellie Rommelfanger ’17, Brooke Huerter ’17, Sister Kerry Larkin, Sarah Englert ’17, and Lindsay Livengood ’17 gather for a picture in the convent.

“I joined when I was 19,” Sr. Kerry said. In the time since she’s joined, Sister Kerry has acquired lots of experience, which she says attributes to the development of her faith. Sister Kerry not only enjoys the variety but the lessons she’s learned as a Servite: “I learned that no matter what I experience, God is always faithful to me through it, and I never have to go through it alone.”

From a young age, Sister Kerry felt a deep connection with God. At her high school back home in Sioux City, South Dakota, seven different religious organizations did their work—one organization in particular stood out.

Sister Kerry recalls choosing to join the Servites; she was drawn in by the exciting, faithful community of the sisters. On top of this, Sister notes that she’s always had a deep connection to Mary. As she felt this calling, she knew that the potential relationship with Mary was not one she could miss out on.

“Freshman year, I was sitting in religion class… I was sitting there, thinking, ‘a Servant of Mary, that sounds cool. I’d love to be a Servant of Mary.’ It stayed with me through high school, so I decided to check it out.” Since that moment, Sister Kerry has stuck with her passion and showed her faith through her commitment to God.

In her time as a Servite, Sister Kerry has learned to trust God and realize his significance in her life.

She’s a shining example of following your heart and listening to God, and she provides an inspiration to all us students to explore our faith.

Since joining the Servants of Mary, Sister Kerry has moved throughout the United States.

She taught in Denver, Colorado and lived in Iowa. On top of this, Sister Kerry has learned a lot in her time as a Servant.

“All people are looking for the same thing,” Sister Kerry recalls. “Everyone wants a meaning to their life and a deeper relationship with God.

Outside of her life as a Servite, Sister Kerry enjoys spending time with friends, going to movies, or spending an afternoon out at the zoo or botanical gardens.

Sister Kerry spent 30 years teaching for the archdiocese as well as a long career as coordinator of the motherhouse here in Omaha, as well as being an associate director at a Jesuit retreat house in OshKosh for eight years.

Sister Kerry’s dedication to the Servite values and her commitment to a life that served the will of God make her a perfect example of a Servite.

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