The art of PURR-suasion


I am a diehard cat person. Last week, I lost myself for a second and let a dog lick my face. 0/10 would not recommend.

There. I said it. I am a girl, 17 years young, who prefers cats over dogs. It is not that I don’t appreciate dogs and all that they have to offer, and it’s not that I am trying to be a ~quirky~ girl who dances to the beat of her own drum. I just really, truly think that cats reign supreme. For any dog lover who is trying to call my bluff, I have put together a list of three reasons why cats rule and dogs drool.Cat_March_2010-1-2

Reason number 1: Kitten paws, kitten paws, kitten paws. Kitten paws are the eighth wonder of the world. They are so, so sweet and always there when I need reassurance. They are my safe place. Let’s all take a break and Google image search “kitten paws.”

Thank you, I believe that argument is over.

Reason number 2: Cats play hard to get. Now, for some of you, this might not be what you’re looking for in a partner. However, I’m all about the chase. I don’t want to come home and be showered with love that I don’t deserve. You could be the most despicable human in the world and your dog would still give you hugs and kisses when you come home. Cats see right through that because they are wise as heck.  I want to come home every day with a new reason for my cat to love me.

Reason number 3: Cats are the most self-sufficient animals in the world. I wouldn’t advise it, but you could probably leave a cat alone for multiple months and they’d be fine. They bathe themselves, they don’t need to go on walks, and they take care of their business in a litter box, which is basically just an old fashioned toilet I think. Dogs, on the other hand, have to be let out, taken on walks, groomed, and bark when things don’t go their way. They’re basically really weird looking big babies. What’s the appeal?

I could go on and on with reasons why cats are the best, but I think I could’ve stopped at reason number 1 and people would’ve gotten my point. I mean, come on, kitten paws are the sweet sweet sweetest and I couldn’t imagine living in a world without them. Peace, love, meow.

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