Track athletes can now be Field Day cheerleaders


Field Day cheer and spring sports have always conflicted. Once spring rolls around, students contemplate and stress over which one they should engage in. However, in 2016, the normality has changed.

Track athletes and Field Day cheerleaders now have the ability to participate in both activities. “I get to be a part of something I’ve always wanted to be a part of…but now I have to wake up early,” junior Kelly Gehring said.


Junior Kelly Gehring was able to be a Field Day cheerleader AND stay on the track team.

In past years, the coaches made the rule clear that it was either one or the other. On the other hand, no rule is stated in the athletic handbook or the Field Day rule book that a student must focus on one.

Track coach Greg Golka decided to challenge this regularity after a student asked to take part in both. Golka said, “After some discussion among the administration, it was decided that there should be no obstacle to a student’s ability to do both.”

“My fear about allowing it was two-fold: first, if the athlete was injured doing either activity, both teams would be affected. Second, the physical demands and the time demands of both might affect the performance in both activities,” Golka said.

This new opportunity allows some spring student athletes to get more involved in the Field Day tradition.

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