Carpool 101: If they drive you to school don’t drive them insane


Taking one or two underclasswomen to school? Easy. Trying to keep your cool while doing it? Sometimes impossible. There are definitely right and wrong ways to be in a carpool and dealing with that in the morning while running on three hours of sleep and two cups of coffee is QUITE the task. So here are some tips and tricks on how to be the perfect carpool and not drive your driver insane.

Situation: Justin Bieber’s newest song begins playing but you absolutely hate it. What do you do? Do NOT touch. If the driver is playing music, and the song is not being skipped, that means she probably wants to listen to it. So do not change it or turn it down! Why would that be necessary? No one likes when people touch his or her music so if you have a request, ask rather than take over. This can help to avoid any awkward tensions or looks throughout the rest of the ride.


What’s elKINs: Column by Sam Elkins

It’s understandable that often times girls wake up five minutes before their carpool arrives, high school girls are busy! Eating breakfast in the car may happen frequently, but the mess it occasionally makes is not okay. The easy solution to this problem is: avoid crumby food and do not spill. Choose your breakfast carefully because the second a crumb or spill lands on your seat, good luck. A napkin never hurt

One last thing, absolutely do not be late. If there is a designated time for pick up or leaving school, make sure you go out of your way to make it there by or before the time. Having a late carpool can become extremely annoying.

Avoiding these behaviors is key to being the perfect carpool! As long as all rules are followed, there should be no issues. Definitely don’t forget to give her a nice tip!

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