Flo Rida concert was a ‘Wild One’


The Flo Rida concert had UNO’s Baxter arena in a “Good Feeling” on the night of April 7. Once he hit the stage, Omaha fans knew it was “Going Down for Real.” Singing all the recent and old fan favorites, Flo Rida made fans put their hands “In The Ayer” and “Jump” along to all the popular tunes. Flo fans didn’t just like it—they loved it.

After getting free glow sticks and customized #FloAtUNO sunglasses, fans took their seats and waited for the show to start. The opening acts consisted of a DJ group called Deaf Audio and a rap duo from Omaha called Both. Deaf Audio’s remixes of current, popular songs were actually very entertaining and easy to dance to. However, Both’s loud rap style, which consisted of mostly shrieking and yelling and awkward dance moves made for an uncomfortable performance that left many wondering if they should have skipped the opening acts and just come for Flo.

Nonetheless, Flo’s outstanding performance and catchy songs made up for the unsatisfactory opening act. After starting with “Good Feeling,” Flo sang other fan favorites such as “GDFR,” “Right Round,” “Low,” “Wild Ones,” “Club Can’t Handle Me,” and even a verse from “Where Them Girls At.” Flo closed the show with his 2015 hit “My House.”

Unsurprisingly, Flo’s banging songs put the entire crowd on its feet and made everyone dance “Right Round” to his hits. The colorful spotlights and booming speakers made the entire arena feel like one big party. Flo also stayed connected with the crowd by bringing fans on stage during “Low.” He even had a body guard carry him through swarms of concert goers just so he could take selfies with fans.

Marian math teacher and committed Flo fan, Mr. Peter Cunningham, was spotted at the concert. Cunningham said his favorite Flo song is “My House” and that his favorite part of the concert was when Flo was carried through the crowd. According to Cunningham, if there was one thing he could say to Flo, it would be, “Come to Marian!”

Going to a Flo Rida concert is a “Once in a Lifetime” opportunity that I would highly recommend. Even if you don’t sport your Apple Bottom jeans and boots with the fur, you’re still guaranteed to get “Low” with Flo and have the time of your life.

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The Network is the student newspaper of Marian High School, Nebraska's only Class A College-Preparatory School for young women.

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