Marian Speech Team goes to State Tournament in Kearney


It all began 3:30 p.m. when a group of teenage girls rushed into a charter bus headed for Kearney, Nebraska. The three hour bus ride felt more like three years, but the girls all found ways to occupy themselves. For instance, some watched Inside Out while others pigged out on cosmic brownies and some did both.

After the long ride, the girls arrived at their destination. Everyone set up in her hotel room and rushed to Old Chicago to eat real food. When they got back to Holiday Inn, the girls went to their rooms and debated which Marian girl they were going to watch perform the next day.

The seniors were anxious for their final meet and everyone was excited to participate in a day full of walking and clapping…mostly walking. These girls were ready for anything with their handy-dandy emergency box. This box was packed full of all the essentials to save a speech girl’s life.

The day started at 6:30 a.m. Everyone loaded her belongings onto the bus and was ready to do her best and take State. All the competitors had on their suits, hair set in place with hairspray, and by some miracle, everyone’s pantyhose were perfectly intact.

Marian girls placed in Extemporaneous, Poetry, Humorous Interpretation, and Informative. Extemporaneous speaking involves a competitor being presented with three topic choices and he or she must choose one. They then have 30 minutes to write a speech on the topic. The topics involve political and foreign issues. The articles used to write the speech must be gathered prior to the competition, making this event a challenge.

Poetry is where a competitor selects an array of poems falling under the same topic and arranges them into a single program to present.

In Humorous Interpretation, a competitor picks a piece such as a show, movie or something specifically written as an HI. He or she then presents his or her interpretation of the piece. It is similar to a one-woman show with quirky characters and an engaging story.

Informative is where a competitor delivers a speech on the topic of his or her choosing. They must provide visuals, typically through boards. Each board presents one of his or her three points. The speech is written similar to a five paragraph essay.

All of these events require high skill levels and each Marian girl brought those skills to the table and truly took State. As a team, Marian got third place in Class B.

The bittersweet feeling of the speech season being over spread throughout the bus, especially among the seniors, on the way home. After all, it was their final speech competition. “If I was buried alive, the last tournament would be equivalent to digging me out…like Kimmy Schmidt,” senior Maggie White said.

They laughed together, cried together, and accepted each other no matter how weird. “The girls put in a lot of hard work throughout the sea- son, and I was glad to see their efforts pay off at the state tournament,” head speech coach Halli Tripe said. In addition, the girls rocked colorful power suits and learned to survive in heels for 10 hours straight. It is hard to find the words to describe the unbreakable bond between these girls, which is ironic. But after years of sticking together, this team is tighter than Jenna Taylor’s ponytail.

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