Post-Prom PROMises Fun!

gracegustafson & clairekilborn

Bowling, laser tag, and food, oh my!

These are just a few of the things that juniors and seniors encountered at Marian’s Post-Prom.  

After an exciting night of taking pictures, going out to dinner, and dancing, juniors and seniors had the option of attending Post-Prom. This year, Post-Prom was held at the Alley V, located in Oakview Plaza from 12:30 to 2:30 a.m. on Sunday, April 3.

Even if someone did not go to Prom, she still had the opportunity to attend Post-Prom. Students were required to stay until 1:30 am but could leave after that. If a student chose to leave before 2:30 am, a parent chaperone called each person’s parents to make sure it was okay with them if their daughter (and her date) left. This year, 265 students attended Post-Prom. More people stayed until the end this year than in past years says Mrs. Michelle Delisi.

Along with bowling, the Alley V offers arcade games, laser tag, and food. All of this was included in the $15 per person Post-Prom ticket. Students were able to win arcade tickets and buy prizes at the end of the night from the prize store. Along with the venue’s prizes, there was a raffle drawing full of gift cards and other fun prizes. You had to be present to win, but it was very exciting for people when they heard their name announced over the loudspeaker. “I won a Scooter’s gift card at Post-Prom. It was really exciting winning a prize because I wasn’t expecting it at all! Also, I love coffee so a Scooter’s gift card was perfect,” junior Grace Mortenson said.


Post Prom Victory: Junior Emma Eaton smiles in surprise as she scores in air hockey at Alley V on April 3 at Post Prom. Photo by Isabelle Swanson

After going to Post-Prom as juniors, there was an abundance of seniors who were excited to attend Post-Prom for the second time. “It was super fun like last year. I had a great time at both. I really liked hanging out with my friends and playing video games,” senior Katie Peterson said.

Casino Laser Tag was one of the most popular things to do. Groups of around 10 were allowed to go in at the same time. Each group was split up into two teams and got to go into the laser tag field for 10 minutes. “It was a fun, non-violent way to release my pent up frustration that has been building since the beginning of the school year! I was running around ducking behind walls with James Bond theme music playing inside of my head,” said junior Ione Enderez.

Providing a safe and fun environment after Prom is one of Marian’s top priorities. Marian’s Post-Prom has been an organized event for more than 10 years. This year, Mrs. Michelle Delisi and Mrs. Kim Neppl were in charge of planning the whole thing. “I think it is very important to continue to have a safe place for students to go to after Prom. It is a fun event and it goes by really fast! I think students enjoy playing games, bowling, and just hanging out with their friends,” Delisi said.

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