Prom 2016: Around the World


Spray tans. Manicures. Teeth whitening kits. High heels. Stiff hair after it has been doused in hairspray.  Bow ties. Floor length dresses. All these words have one common connection: Prom.

On April 2, almost 281 Marian girls and their dates piled into the Scoular Ballroom in downtown Omaha from 9 p.m. to midnight and danced the night away.

While at Prom, no guest thinks about the preparation and stress the Prom Committee endured to make this night magical for everyone. Or about the fact that the entire Prom Committee was at the Scoular Ballroom the morning of  Prom at 8.


Prom Com Prom Committee poses for a picture in the Scoular Ballroom on the morning of Prom after setting up for the dance. The girls spent five months preparing for the big night. photo courtesy of Bella Carollo ’17

A team of 13 juniors and the two Prom Committee moderators, English teachers Mrs. Amy Bauman and Ms. Megan Piernicky, met for the first time before school on Aug. 25, and almost every Tuesday morning after that.

It was during these early meetings that this group of hardworking juniors decided upon a theme: Around the World.

From there, the real work began. Decorations had to be bought, a venue had to be secured, a DJ had to be booked, tickets had to be sold, and of course, the eight seniors who had been elected by their class as Prom Princesses needed a coronation ceremony.

“The most stressful part about Prom was probably getting our ideas to come to life. That and making sure prom looked good, not like it was thrown together last minute,” Prom Committee member, junior Lucy Fishburn said.

Another junior, Rachel Weremy, had her own opinion. “Deadlines were difficult to meet, and ordering everything we needed wasn’t easy. We got through it though, and the best part was seeing it all come together. Hearing everyone tell us we did a good job was very rewarding,” Weremy said.

Weremy was also the member of prom committee who counted up all the votes for Prom Queen, and handed the flowers to the Princesses at the coronation. “All eight of the Princesses are classy, sophisticated, and hilarious,” Weremy said. “I hope to be as confident as them next year when I’m a senior.”

When the time came for the emcee, Social Studies teacher Mrs. Amy McLeay, to announce Prom Queen, Weremy simply smiled. “I’d known for almost three months. Sofia is like an older sister to me,” Weremy said of the 2016 Prom Queen, Sofia Hingorani.

Members of the Prom Committee also had to stay after Prom and clean up, but none of them minded.

“Prom this year rocked. I was very impressed with how cool the ballroom turned out. Here’s hoping that next year goes just as well!” the Prom Queen, senior Sofia Hingorani said.

With the consistent flow of creative junior minds who join Prom Committee every year, that shouldn’t be a problem.

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