When break breaks you, you break down and cry


I love a good break. Who doesn’t? I mean, I love watching Netflix at home or shopping with my friends. But wait, what’s that? Oh…just the term paper I have to finish, the statistics test I have to study for, and, oh, maybe just the entire Huckleberry Finn book that I still haven’t started reading because it was assigned the day before break. Well, there goes my plans.

I cannot be the only one who complains every minute of break because I have impending homework. I’m convinced teachers just sit there and say to themselves, “Hmm, I’ve given homework every single day of the week, and now that a break is coming up, I should assign another essay!”

What is the point of a break if it is spent in front of a screen worrying if grammar-meticulous teachers would roast me for using the first person when voicing my opinion? Then before I know it, it’s 11 p.m. the night before school with a tub of ice cream on my right and a bunch of soggy tissues on my left.

I understand assigning a little homework for the progression of the class, but when students are forced to spend the majority of their break studying can contradict the purpose of a break. Marian students are as hardworking as they come, but even we deserve a real break once in awhile. As do the teachers, of course.

Students and teachers are both swamped with work, having little to no time to themselves. And when we do have time to pause all these busy activities, we indulge in it. But when a stressed-filled school break becomes a stressed-filled week, then we have ourselves a little problem.

One day, I believe we will all get a real break, besides that of summer vacation…oh, just kidding, I forgot about the summer read.break by viennabw


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