Friend-moms make the world go ’round


When it was my birthday a couple months back, I received two cards labeled “To Mom.” Fuss, MakenzieWhen I opened my first gift, I pulled out the book “Are You My Mother?” by P. D. Eastman. To some, this would be strange, but to me this is a common occurrence.

I am proud of being labeled by my friends as “mom.” This means my friends believe I love and care about them, which is true. (Awww, I know.)

I suppose being the mom of my friend group means when someone does something well I am probably more excited than she is. I once went to a friend’s swim meet and ended up sitting alone in the stands waving at her every time she looked up at me.

My friends consider me to be “straightforward.” When I need something, I ask for it. On several occasions I have had to request boxes at restaurants or ask a question everyone needed the answer to.

When I have reason not to like a particular outfit or even boyfriend, I will voice my opinion in a polite and caring way. In this way, I believe my friends began to respect my opinion after I forced it upon them enough times, as any mother would.

Being a friend-mom is far from a negative thing. I am sure most readers can think of a friend who could be considered a mom, as well. I encourage you to take the quiz below to find out if you are a friend-mom.


Quiz: Are you a friend-mom?

1. How excited do you get when a friend wins an award?

a) I’m indifferent.

b) Good for them!

c) I’m more excited than they are!

2. True or false: You are forever driving your friends around.

a) False, I usually ask for rides.

b) False, I mostly just drive myself around.

c) True! I always end up driving someone.

3. Who always ends up asking questions at stores or restaurants?

a) One of my friends usually asks the questions.

b) It switches up. We take turns.

c) ME! Every time!

4. Have you attended a friend’s sporting event/extracurricular activity?

a) No, and I probably won’t.

b) No, but I just haven’t gotten to it yet.

c) Yes! It was so fun!

5. What do you do after you take a group pic?

a) I’ll probably just save it.

b) I might post it on social media.

c) I’ll post it on social media and send it out to everyone. Of                  course, the picture was taken on my phone. It may or may not        be my lock screen photo.

6. Your friend is upset. What do you do?

a) I will comfort her if I see her.

b) I will find her and give her a giant hug.

c) I will bear hug her and seek out and destroy whatever hurt her.

7. Do your friends often ask you for advice?

a) Not really.

b) They have once or twice.

c) Yeah, once or twice. A day.

Quiz Results:

Mostly A’s:

You’re not very friend-mom. This is totally okay! Friend motherhood isn’t for everyone. Without her kids, a friend-mom would be nothing. Keep doing you!

Mostly B’s:

You’d be considered a friend-sister. You do not have all the characteristics of a friend-mom, but your inner friend-mom certainly comes out when needed.

Mostly C’s:

You are a friend-mom! Embrace your role as a parent, and care for your children like they’re your own. Your friends will remember you as the cool mom!

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