Chemistry classes take over Etherhaven space temporarily

News Story by maddiemingo

Destruction. Complete chaos.

Where room 112 and 114 used to hold class is now home to mounds of dirt and exposed pipes. Renovations to the chemistry labs started this summer

and have a completion date set for mid-November.

“The construction is on schedule,” Principal Mrs. Susie Sullivan said. “Everything should be finished by Open House on Nov. 20.”

However, no classroom does not mean no class.   Both chemistry classes will move into Etherhaven, where students can use the computers for labs and virtual learning. “We will have to be a little creative with our chemistry lessons this semester,” Honors Chemistry teacher Mrs. Stacy Tunink said.

“Mostly we are going to make the best of a not great situation so that we can get an awesome situation later.”

Students cannot wait for later to become now. “I’m so pumped about the labs!” junior Mia Soulliere said.

Only three months remain until students can see the long awaited masterpiece.



summer16 - 11

Archaeological dig. Construction workers dig out the floor in chemistry lab Room 114 in late July. Renovations will not be finished until mid-November.


With Etherhaven, the school’s open computer lab, occupied, students will need a new last-minute location to print papers. “The Collaboration Room in the library will serve as a temporary Etherhaven,” Technology Specialist Mrs. Jane Campbell said. “We will have a computer cart in the corner in case people need a computer to use.” Students can also go to Student Services and use the computers there.

Until the construction finishes, students will have to adapt to a new learning environment. Chemistry students will occupy Etherhaven, and the last-minute printers will get the Collaboration Room and Student Services.

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