Horror restroom memory recalled, summer renovations applauded

column by anahingorani
I walked in, picked a stall, no big deal, was just sitting down to my afternoon break when all of a sudden my stall door banged open and slammed against the wall!

I was positively petrified, and found myself face-to-face with a senior. Pure shock and mortification was surely evident on my face. The senior shrugged, muttered a “sorry” and shut the stall door.

However, to a freshman, this seemed like the end of the world. In record time, I was engulfed in a sea of sweat. It dripped down my nose, down my back and soaked my armpits. My hands shot for the toilet paper. GONE.

Looking back, I realize how dumb it is that I didn’t just ask a neighboring stall occupant for a couple squares of toilet paper. But hey, live and learn.

In my mind, this was crunch time. I didn’t have time to wipe! I bolted out of the stall and made a mad dash for the sink. I ran my hands under the weak stream of water and furiously pumped the soap dispenser only to find, surprise, no soap.

The line of people for the hand dryer seemed several miles long, leaving me with no choice but to dash out of the restroom with my hands dripping lukewarm sink water.

I haven’t recovered.

So when I heard they were redoing the restrooms this summer, I was on cloud nine. All of the student restrooms besides the Quad restroom received new flooring, bigger mirrors and the sinks that didn’t work are fixed. The doors on all stalls have also been replaced, along with new toilet paper dispensers installed. I, along with the whole student body, give a big thank you to everyone who is helping to make our restroom experiences a little more pleasant.


Toilets were temporarily stored in the hallway while renovation happened in the restrooms.


• new floors
• new stalls
• new hand-soap dispensers
• new paint
• new ceilings
• new exhaust fan in the freshman hall restroom
• new doors in the old building
• new mirrors
• *senior restroom received an ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) approved stall

*all floors now have at least one ADA approved stall

DSC_0120 IMG_1409

The third floor library restroom’s window stall has a completely new look.

The first photo was from June and the second is from August 18!

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