Maps of Current Classrooms

Lost student. If found, please give map and reassuring hug.

Likes cookies. Loves Field Day and Marian!


graphic by sydneymonahan


If you’re feeling like a freshman on the first day, totally lost and confused, or are a freshman and are totally lost and confused, please let this map be your guide. The Network staff recommends printing this page (or using the hard copy available Friday morning) writing in your schedule below and highlighting what classrooms you will need so you will never be lost!

Below is the first floor.

bw maps1

Below is second floor.  This is also the MAIN floor when you walk in the front doors.

bw maps2

Below is the third floor.

bw maps 3

BLOCK A ___________________  ROOM_______

BLOCK B ___________________ ROOM _______

BLOCK C ___________________  ROOM_______

BLOCK D ___________________ ROOM _______

BLOCK E ___________________  ROOM_______

BLOCK F ___________________ ROOM _______

BLOCK G ___________________  ROOM_______

BLOCK H ___________________ ROOM _______

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