Freshmen. Welcome to the first day of the rest of your lives. High school. The final frontier. You’ve seen movies about it. The Breakfast Club. High School Musical. Jaws. You’ve set your uniform out on your dresser. You’ve color-coded your notebooks and folders. You’ve made Frosted Flakes part of your balanced breakfast. Now, it’s your time to discover what high school is all about.

Whether you already know half of your class or don’t know anyone, you’ve become part of the Marian community. That means friendly classmates, incredible teachers, awesome t-shirts, inside jokes pretty much no one from any other school will understand, and lots and lots of taco salad. Lots of taco salad.

The Network staff has come up with a few tips we think will be helpful, but regardless of what tips, if any, you take to heart (please, please, please listen to tip #1), you’re in for a great four years! Marian will teach you so much, and above all, it will help you become a confident, independent, thinking leader.

Graphic Survival Guide

graphic by alliemorrissey & emilydoll


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