“Marian…the place to be” – 2016 Yearbook Distribution

Returning members of the sophomore, junior and senior classes picked up their 2016 yearbooks today in the cafe and Quad.

Yearbook and newspaper staffers for 2016-17 checked names and issued books. Editor of the book, Molly McKillip ’16, was on site to observe the event.  Favorite comments were:

“I love the cover!”

“This is the best book I’ve ever seen!”

“The sketchy art inside is so cool!”

“I won’t get anything done all weekend, I’m going to read the whole thing!”


The student body will have a chance to DIY with this yearbook because a few graphics were not printed in the final version.  Stickers can be picked up in the journalism room (Room 304) next week and be added to pages 60, 111, and 138.

It will be a fun way to have students personalize their books a little.

From past experience, it is also highly recommended that students immediately put their name in the book.

Members of the Class of 2016 had a special yearbook signing party the week before, on August 12.  All but 16 books from the class were claimed from the library that afternoon.  Editors were very pleased with the reaction and the turnout.

class16yearbook - 5.jpgclass16yearbook - 31.jpgclass16yearbook - 11.jpgThe entire staff of the 2016 yearbook has graduated, but comments and questions can be addressed to the yearbook adviser, Mrs. Kalkowski, in Room 304 or brought to the attention of the 2017 yearbook staff that meets in Block G.

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