All aboard the soph lot struggle bus


As a frequent flyer in Marian’s soph lot, I both understand and disregard the concepts of “getting to school early” and “not walking into my first class at 7:54.”

Recent changes to the parking lot policy have decreased the chances that I snag a coveted upper lot spot. Now, upper lot is not exclusively for upperclassmen. Even more
students will now be jockeying for a spot, but it’s the thrill of the chase that keeps me going. One morning I was unusually early, a result of an early morning duel between myself and a chemistry test, and I found myself sitting pretty in the very last spot in the L. I was congratulated in the hallway, and the novelty of just barely avoiding the treacherous journey up soph hill made me smile.

Being punctually challenged has lead to some izzy column pic.jpggreat discoveries. I am conducting scientific research and can tell you that from about the middle of soph lot (where all the good spots are if you dare to park next to another car) to the front door of Marian High School, home of the Crusaders, is about a 3-and-a-half minute leisurely stroll. Booking it will result in both a lower time and a higher heart rate. Forgetting your lunch in your car and realizing your fatal flaw once you’ve summited the beast that is soph hill will add time to your commute.

Some days, the parking situation leaves me frustrated. “Isabelle,” I say to myself, trudging up soph hill, oddly in the third person, “Isabelle, you cannot continue to live like this. You’re always almost late. Something needs to change.”

“Yes, but Isabelle,” I respond, miming the conversation I am having in my head and scaring my fellow soph lot siblings, “Thomas Jefferson once said ‘Delay is preferable to error.’”

To which I would respond, “Isabelle, you can’t just Google quotes and justify behavior. It really doesn’t make sense to—” but you know, you kind of get winded going up that big hill…

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