New tardy, absence policies give students more freedom: Just don’t be late because of a latte


Go ahead and schedule those doctor appointments ladies. There’s a new policy in town.

Principal Susie Sullivan ‘80 made the decision to switch the absence/tardy policy from what it has been in previous years. “No one was happy with the previous tardy and absence policy, and frankly it did not make a whole lot of sense,” Sullivan said. “This one is much simpler and cleaner, and I think it will be more effective.”

The policies state that all tardies will result in a point, unless excused by a doctor’s note. Students are considered tardy if they are not in the classroom when the bell rings. If the student is more than 15 minutes late to class, she will be marked absent. The policies are laid out in the handbook which can be found on Marian’s website in section 5-4. (The handbook itself has a passcode on it, but if anyone needs to access it she can email Technology Director, Mr. Billy Diebler, for information on the password.)

This policy will affect everyone, but especially those with illnesses or conditions that require them to have multiple doctor appointments a month. “It was difficult for me to work with the tardy policy last year, but I think that the new one makes a lot more sense and will help me schedule all of the appointments that I need,” senior Josie Stoessel said.

While the new policies have a long list of positives attached to them, they also have a negative side. “My biggest concern with the new policies is that people who rely on their parents or carpools to get to school might be punished if those people are not able to get them there in time,” Sullivan said. “That happened to me my junior year when I had Mr. Baker as a homeroom teacher, he always gave me a point because my carpool made me late, but her homeroom teacher never gave her one.” If this is the case for anyone, they are advised to talk to Dean of Student Affairs, Ms. Ronda Motykowski, about how they can work around any issues thetardy policy graphic.jpgy may have with the policies.

It is still advised for students to try to schedule their appointments for after school, during study halls and during late starts, but if that is not possible, students will not be punished for it. But if the student walks in with a doctor’s note scribbled on the back of their Dunkin’ Donuts receipt with an iced latte, don’t expect the office to be overly forgiving.

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