Marian mom, daughter join Opera Omaha in sisterly style


Singing is difficult for many. So is speaking another language. Singing in another language?– a very impressive feat.

Being a part of an opera isn’t exactly something Mrs. Anna Kolterman ’94, Marian Worship Choir Director, ever had in mind.

However, when her daughter, senior Juliet Kolterman, suggested they both try out, Mrs. Kolterman decided that she wanted to do something special with her daughter during Juliet’s final year at Marian.

Juliet’s enthusiasm for the show was obvious. “The best part was the performances because you got to see everyone’s hard work finally come together and pay off,” Juliet said.

Tryouts took place last May, and Mrs. Kolterman said auditions – which involved singing something in Latin or Italian – were definitely a challenge.


Sisters? Campus Minister Mrs. Anna Kolterman poses with daughter, Juliet ’17 in the lobby of the PAC dressed as nuns after the Opera Omaha Project’s final performance of Suor Angelica on Sept. 11. nataliekemler

Another challenge for Mrs. Kolterman was the amount of time practicing took up.

Meetings took place throughout the summer, and rehearsals began this school year. Rehearsals have been held at various places: Marian’s PAC stage, St. Cecilia’s, and even a performer’s house. Professionals are involved in this production, as are many Omaha high school and college students.

Joining Juliet and Mrs. Kolterman on stage were Vocal Music Director, Ms. Lauren Morrissey ’09 and sophomore Mary Watson. Morrissey was involved in operas in college and she described the hardest part of the opera being behind the scenes. “There’s so much to do behind the scenes: organizing, marketing, props; it can be daunting.” Students involved backstage were: juniors Erica Curtis, Courtney Kilroy, Makayla Sedlacek and senior Sarah McMeen.

The performances took place in Marian’s Performing Arts Center on Sept. 9, 10 and 11. Suor Angelica (Sister Angelica) is an opera written by Giacomo Puccini, which is a 50-minute, one act opera.

Although the opera was written and performed in Latin, English subtitles allowed the audience to follow the dramatic story easily.

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