9:01 and still going strong: battle of the deadline

Work. Tutoring. Musical rehearsal. Basketball practice. Science Club meetings. Volunteering. Don’t forget about rigorous academics. Marian students are constantly busy with numerous activities ranging from sports to working at HyVee after school for hours on end. Girls are encouraged to be involved in activities both in and outside of school, but on top of students’ already heavy schedules, Marian has enforced a deadline for all long-term school papers at 9 p.m. Just one month into school, this new electronic deadline has become quite a problem for many students, especially those who assume that being busy is just a part of life.

Marian girls are known to be independent and responsible. Why should we be coddled with a tedious new rule? Girls still have to stay up late finishing other homework, so why does it matter if our papers are turned in three minutes before midnight? Regardless of the order we finish our homework, we’re still up late finishing assignments.

We have heard that some parents were frustrated that their daughters were staying up all night writing papers, and we have a solution: turn off the WiFi at your house at 9 p.m. Parents can micromanage their daughters, but parents shouldn’t be able to micromanage the entire student body. Some solutions to this problem that the student body is facing are setting paper deadlines to the beginning of class or making deadline times coordinate with the students’ grade levels. Freshmen’s papers would be due at 9 p.m, where seniors’ papers would be due at midnight.

High school is where you learn what you’re capable of, whether it be mastering a dance move or seeing how long you can stay up to write a paper without passing out. If a girl needs to write three papers assigned just two days before, study for a math test and read five chapters in a textbook, as well as take notes, you can bet that she’s going to be up past midnight. Imagine having to do all of that work as well as attend two practices during the same night. Unfortunately, your imagination is our reality.

Many girls challenge themselves with a multitude of difficult courses, which sometimes leaves no room for a study hall in their schedules. Some girls don’t get home until 10 p.m., whether it be after a continuous stream of practices or a long night at work. These girls have to prioritize, knowing that homework due tomorrow needs immediate attention whereas a paper due in two days can wait. The daily homework load is intense, and most girls simply don’t have enough time on their hands to finish it before 9 p.m.

Marian is meant to prepare young girls for college. In college, girls will not be regulated with early deadlines. Students will be expected to know how to manage their time effectively. If Marian girls walk into college expecting to get enough sleep because of their early deadline, they are in for a rude awakening.

In the end, why does it matter if we stay up all night finishing a term paper? Some teachers won’t even open the file that we submit for another week, anyway. We understand that the administration is trying to look out for us and make sure that we are getting enough sleep, but in reality, the rule has turned busy Marian girls into utter chaos– equivalent to chickens who just had their heads cut off. We appreciate your concern, but please, let us continue with our traditional Red-Bull-enthused term paper edits at 11:39 p.m.

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