Friends across grades: A look at friends of different ages


Best friends are one of life’s many gifts. Childhood would not be nearly as much fun without a partner in crime by your side, drawing with chalk on the sidewalks and eating popsicles that stain your faces cherry red.

However, not all ‘besties’ grow up together. There are many girls who have friends in different grades.


#bffs Dancer friends Cassidy Jorgensen ’18 and Hallie Falk ’19 smile for a best friend pic after a Nebraska Dance company performance. Photo courtesy of @cassidy_sassidy

Two girls who are a prime example of this are senior Mary Underwood and sophomore Olivia Ramaekers. “We met during ‘Rags.’ Mary walked into the director’s booth looking for black duct tape for her shoes,” Ramaekers laughed as she recalled the day. Since the fall musical last year, the two have grown to become good friends.

“It’s nice to be able to help someone and know that help is valued and needed,” Underwood said.

“It’s nice having someone to go to for advice,” Ramaekers agreed. The two can often be found talking with each other in the quad, venting about their problems and laughing so hard they can barely speak.

Another pair of girls, junior Cassidy Jorgensen and sophomore Hallie Falk, are great friends, despite the slight age difference. They are on Marian’s Dance Team together, and met through Nebraska Dance Company in 2014.

When they hang out, they like to watch movies and go to the pool a lot during the summer. “The worst part about being in different grades is when it comes to Field Day and other competitive things,” Jorgensen said.

These are only a few examples of the countless girls who have friends from different grades in our school.

With so many possibilities to meet girls of different ages here at Marian, such as carpools, sports, and classes, friendship is not limited to within your grade.

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