New Year, New Cheer: All-American Winners

amaleapoulos & vickiackermann 

Being chosen as an All-American Cheerleader is one of the highest honors a cheerleader can earn. Cheerleaders try out for the prestigious title at national camps, but only a few are chosen. Marian is proud to introduce our four All-American Cheerleaders:


keara color.jpg

Keara Compton, Senior

Favorite tumbling trick?

Round-off back handspring multiples (round-off two or three back handsprings)

Favorite Marian t-shirt?

Cheer t-shirt from junior year



Laura Shaw, Senior

Favorite Marian cheer?

Hey, hey (hey, hey let’s go, let’s fight, number one, blue and white)

Favorite Marian event?

Gnimocemoh Week


rachael color.jpg

Rachael Hueftle, Senior

 Favorite class/subject?

Physics II

Favorite sport to cheer at?

Volleyball or Mount Michael football



Susana color.jpg

Susana Pettis, Senior

Favorite Marian Lunch?

Mac and cheese

Favorite song to cheer to?

“All Hands on Deck” by Tinashe

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