New Year, New Cheer: Warnock wins team’s heart

amaleapoulos & victoriaackermann

Marian’s cheer squad is welcoming a new coach for the second year in a row.

Lauren Warnock has been involved with cheer for years. She cheered at her high school, Papillion La Vista High School, before cheering at Nebraska Wesleyan. She then moved on to work for the Universal Cheer Association for six years.

Warnock became associated with Marian this year through Varsity, a uniform company. The former Marian cheer coach nominated Warnock as a candidate for the position in the 2016-2017 school year. “Getting to watch the team improve as both cheerleaders and as people has been my favorite part so far,” Coach Warnock said.

Coach Warnock is implementing a few changes for the new season. “I’m more strict about behavior and the cheerleaders having a good reputation amongst the school.” Warnock said. Cheerleaders will also be conditioning more frequently in order to get stronger. These new changes are helping squad members work cohesively toward her goals.


All smiles Warnock talks with cheerleaders after the volleyball game versus Westide on Sept. 13. amaleapoulos

For the year, Warnock hopes the team will do well at state and win at least one category. Concerning herself, she wants to learn how to interact better with the girls. “I don’t want to be best friends with them, but I want them to respect me and be able to come to me whenever they need help,” Warnock said.

The squad appreciates Warnock as a coach and a role model. “Coach Lauren is very approachable and you can go to her with anything,” junior Davine Francis said.

Warnock’s favorite cheer is any cheer that involves the crowd. She wants the cheer team to focus more on spicing up Marian pep rallies and making sure the student body has a good time at them. “I love the Victory cheer because it makes the crowd get into the game and it’s a lot of fun to do,” freshman Grace Treves said.

So ladies, be ready to get a little bit rowdy at the next pep rally.


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