She’s with her: Senior strives to make political impact


For most people under the age of 18, politics is just another segment on the news to skip over. However, for senior Brooke Huerter, politics has created an opportunity for her to contribute to something she truly believes in.

Since Aug. 29, Huerter has been a fellow to the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign. The main difference between a fellow and a volunteer is that volunteers can come and serve whenever they please, whereas fellows have designated positions within the campaign and are committed to a certain number of hours to help. In Huerter’s case, her main position involves phoning potential voters, and she is required to put in 15 hours a week.


He’s With Her Hillary Clinton was in Omaha on Aug. 1 at Omaha North High School for a campaign stop. Warren Buffett welcomed Clinton to the city. No matter what a student’s political affiliation, taking advantage of campaign activities in the metro area can provide unique educational opportunities. carmenmiller

Every weekday, Huerter goes to Clinton’s Omaha campaign headquarters located in a Ralston strip mall to help push her cause. She mainly does phone banking, asking people for campaign donations, but will also call to ask people if they support Clinton and her issues. Her fellowship originally started just as a volunteer position.

“I was on Hillary’s campaign email list asking for volunteers, so I decided to go in and phone bank for a couple hours,” Huerter said. She was excited to work on a campaign that aligned with her Democratic ideals. “Afterwards, a lady came up to me and was basically like, ‘Hey, you’re really good at your job!’ and asked if I would be interested in a fellowship.” From there, Huerter set up an interview and began her journey as a part of the Clinton campaign.

If any students are looking for a way to get more involved in politics, Huerter has some suggestions. “Definitely start by joining Marian’s Young Politicians club!” she said. Huerter has been involved in the club since she was a ninth grader, and she currently serves as the club president. Young Politicians is a club at Marian that discusses the presidential candidates and how politics affects current events, as well as occasionally hosting political figures as speakers.


Front Row: Lucy Fishburn ’17, Mia LaHood ’17, Melanie Nordstrom ’17, Mary Kubat ’17, Brooke Huerter ’17, Rachel Walet ’17, Emma Shoemaker ’17, Maggie Gerards ’17, Maggie Dowd ’17. Back Row: Former moderator Susan Juza, Emma Roth ’18, Janna Whited ’17, Grace Mortenson ’17, Natalie Kemler ’17, Melissa Geis ’17, Sarah McLeese ’17, Reese Hartmann ’17, Claire Janecek ’17,


The club is also nonpartisan, meaning it does not align with either party, so everyone is welcome to join. Since the club allows all parties and ideologies, it really gives students the opportunity to be educated and then form their own political opinions.

“After that, do some research and find a campaign you care about and that your beliefs line up with. Call their office or email an organizer,” Huerter suggested. “Campaigns are always looking for people to help volunteer, so you should totally just go for it!”

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