Singing behind the rain: A look backstage at the fall musical crew


No crew, no show. It’s a commonly uttered phrase among the backstage workers. Every member of a show, whether they’re on stage or not, is crucial. Without the set, costumes, makeup, sound and lights, there’s no show. This year’s Fall Musical, “Singing in the Rain” is no different. The backstage work has already begun for set crew. At their first meeting, art teacher Mr. Jeremy Cisco, the set director, already had a plan set out. The girls instantly got to work clearing out their work space in the prop shop.


Set Crew Workers Mr. Jeremy Cisco and the set crew of the musical prepare to begin construction on Sept. 20.

Along with a Hollywood Boulevard set of signs and many interior set pieces, the crew has the task of creating a giant birthday cake for someone to jump out of. “The cake. It’s three-tiered, and round,” Cisco said of the biggest challenge that the set crew will face this year. They will put in hours of work perfecting the cake and every other set piece needed for “Singing in the Rain.”



Brainstorming blueprints In Theater Seminar class, students create designs for potential sets in “Singing in the Rain.”

“I love the physical activity, building things and using the tools,” Cisco said. Freshman Rachel Doll could not agree more. “I’m most excited to be working on the projects, to see how they turn out,” she said. She is very excited for the experience to come. “I thought it would be fun, I’d never done it before,” Doll said. The set crew’s work is critical for the show, as is every single person is involved. In the next couple months, the set crew has quite a bit of work set aside for them, designing and constructing the set. When the show does finally open on Oct. 27, the set crew’s work will be done and all that will be left will be for the sets to shine onstage.

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