Students tackle work, school and more work


For many students at Marian, the day is just beginning when the final bell rings.

The end of the school day marks the start of practices, meetings, and for many students a long night at work.

It’s not hard to find a student at Marian with a job, 56 percent of the 236 students who answered the survey have two.

However, there aren’t many who try to balance having more than one.

Junior Grace Sall works at Swimtastic Swim School and babysits. Sall says that she’s been able to balance school and working by always getting her homework done before going to work. “It motivates me to get my homework done and to not procrastinate,” Sall said.


graphic by briannawessling

Other students who work multiple jobs say that a flexible work schedule is key to keeping up with school. Senior Grace Gustafson works at St. Roberts Kids Team and referees volleyball games. Gustafson said, “My boss is really understanding about my work schedule, and I can get half days off on days when I referee.”

Junior Annie Sullivan works not two, but three jobs. She mows lawns for a lawn service, cleans office buildings and works with a food vendor. Like Gustafson, Sullivan has a flexible schedule for two of her jobs, so she can fit hours in whenever she has time. Though when asked how she balances work and school, she said, “I don’t sleep. Ever.”

In fact a lot of girls have the same problem. Gustafson both agrees that she loses sleep between homework and her jobs, and that it’s not fun that her weekends are mostly filled with work. “I can’t really do anything during the weekend because I’m working, and I can’t do anything during the week because I’m either working or doing homework,” Gustafson said.

The biggest pro of having more than one job? The money, according to Gustafson. Despite the late nights, and full weekends, it all becomes worth it when payday comes around.

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