Work study becomes more than just work


Maggots, dance parties and high heel shoes, work study has it all.

Though it may not always be fun getting up early or staying late after school to clean a classroom, Marian girls find ways to make the most of it, and laugh it off when things get tough.

The best way to make work study fun is to bring a friend to keep you company while you clean. Sophomore Roseclaire VandeVegt recalls coming to her friends’ work study in the ballet and tap room, cranking up some music and having a dance party. “[We] would just hang out and I would play music on my phone and we would sing and dance while she cleaned,” VandeVegt said. It turns out that cleaning and dancing are a very good mix.


graphic by briannawessling & amaleapoulos

Seniors Claire Pelan and Ken Scott remember a time when Scott found a pair of high heels in the lost in found while on the job. They showed them to Ms. Motykowski and Sister Jackie, both of whom decided to try them on. Sister Jackie started walking around the room with them on, and almost fell over. “It was like the sisterhood of the traveling lost shoes,” Scott said, smiling from ear to ear.

Some work study stories are a little less pleasant than dance parties and high heels. Scott and Pelan also said that they found a lunch box that had been sitting in the lost and found for quite some time. When they opened it up they found that all of the food had molded and was covered in maggots. “The stench was so strong it fogged up my glasses,” Scott said. Not only did they find the lunch box, but they also had to take the rotten meat through the entire school to properly dispose of it.

Though girls who do work study are expected to always show up on time and do their work well, it’s clear that
work study can be more than just a job.

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