The history of Mission Week: How the core values were brought to life


Empowerment, Marian identity, service, spirituality,community and compassion. These are the six core values that provide the backbone for Marian. They are also the same values that the Servite Connection Club honors one week each year for Mission Week.

It all began in February of 2010 with a single Mission Day. The student club Esprit de Corps, now known as Servite Connection Club, noticed that the focus on the core values within the school had faded. “The group really wanted to reinforce the significance of the core values and remind the students what they’re truly about,” club moderator, English teacher Ms. Susie Sisson said.

Inspired by other  Catholic institutions, such as Marquette and the University of St. Thomas, the group decided to hold a school-wide Mission Day. The day consisted of classes ending at 12:40, with the rest of the day being dedicated to various activities related to the core values. The singular Mission Day then became a full week in 2011.

The day being extended into a week gave the Servite Connection Club more time to fill with core-based exercises. Such exercises include a one-woman show put on by a local actress based off of the life of Catholic role model Dorothy Day amongst others. “My favorite activity we’ve done in the past is having a student and a teacher speak to the student body about what the core values mean to them,” Sisson said.

Today, the week provides a sense of community to students. “Mission Week, to me, is a week that strongly emphasizes our Marian family and how we work together as a school,” junior Emily Folts said.

For others, the week also administers a chance to deepen their faith life. “It’s a week where I can really focus on my faith and strengthen it,” senior Taylor Mundt said.

Mission Week is now a major Marian tradition. “It’s important to recognize the values that are such an integral part of Marian. We can’t forget the true mission that Marian was created for,” Sisson said, “While this week is a fun way to focus on the core values, it’s vital to remember to continue living out the values all year.”

Beyond the single week of Mission Week , Sisson and the rest of the Servite Connection Club hope to fulfill the goal of keeping the core values a main focus within the halls.

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