Baker Goes Bald For WAT

By J1 Reporter, Lily Watkins

“Wait,” you think as you read the headline of this article, “there was a time Mr. Baker wasn’t bald?” Yes, in fact, there was!

The time was September of 2005. Walk-A-Thon (WAT) was in full swing. Mr. Tom Baker, a sociology teacher, had made a deal earlier in the month with his homeroom. The deal was that if his homeroom 320 could get 200% of their class goal, they could shave his head. For the first several collection dates, Baker was fairly sure that 320 would not gather the necessary funds. He was happy to keep his luscious locks intact.

But then the final collection came.


Baker at the WAT assembly, right before getting his head shaved! [Image via 2006 yearbook]

   Much to Baker’s surprise and dismay, homeroom 320 raised 200% of their goal! To this day, he semi-seriously believes that some foul play was involved in the acquisition of the donations. But nonetheless, he was a good sport.

“My homeroom that year was a group of tremendous young women. I wasn’t even upset about having to shave my head, I was surprised they raised so much!” Baker said.

Baker made the bet with the knowledge that if the shaving did take place, it would take place only in his homeroom. Science teacher Mrs. Sharon Genoways, however, had another idea. Once she caught wind of the bet, she was able to trick Baker into getting his head shaved in the assembly right before WAT!

As the junior Caitlin Wessling described, “He shaved his head for WAT once and it never grew back.”

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