Bauers help bring success to Walk-A-Thon

By J1 Reporter Cassidy Jorgensen

The largest student-led fundraiser at Marian, Walk-A-Thon, rolled around again on Sept. 30, and Student Board felt the heat — especially the Bauers. After having such a successful Walk-A-Thon in 2015, raising a whopping $158, 951.64, the bar was set high for 2016.

And with a new system in place, combining both money and participation, Student Board co-moderator, Mrs. Ashley Bauer, was a bit nervous. “I didn’t feel any pressure to raise the money, because I knew it was possible with the old system. But changing the system is what caused the stress,” Mrs. Bauer said.

With this new system in place, which is based more on class totals rather than personal percentages, there are still some flaws to work out for the future. According to Mrs. Bauer, the third week was the most stressful. The school’s percentage of money brought in was low, and it was unclear if the total goal of $90,000 would be met.”Next year, I’m optimistic it will run more smoothly, and the stress of the third week won’t be as much,” she said.


Student Board co-moderators, Mr. and Mrs. Bauer converse with Mrs. O’Doherty during a collection date. 

Another difference between the 2015 and the 2016 fundraisers were the relationships between the classes. “The atmosphere among the classes was different this year than it was last year,” Mrs. Bauer said. Although there seemed to be less of a competitive rivalry among classes this year, the Bauers said they thought it was still an incredibly successful Walk-A-Thon.

“I think Walk-A-Thon went really well this year. I’m really proud of the work of Student Board and especiallyMallory Grote (Student Board Vice President),” said Student Board co-moderator Mr. Andrew Bauer. The students raised a grand total of about $125,000, earning themselves a Halloween movie, an all-school free day on Oct. 24, and an extra $2000 to spend on Surprise Day.

This Walk-A-Thon was a major success especially thanks to the Bauers and all the hard work of Student Board and the whole student body.

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