Crazy Catholic school fundraising

By Hailie Rydel
As a kid you more than likely remember selling cookie dough or raffle tickets off to family and friends for your school, in hopes of winning cool prizes. But at Marian, girls walk up to 4 miles and  collect more than $100,000 a year. They do this through old fashioned door-to-door fundraising.


Senior Class Starts Off Walk-A-Thon

The differences between public schools and private schools goes without saying. The money and where it comes and goes throughout the schools is a huge difference. Public schools are funded by state money and taxes, while on the other hand, private schools are primarily funded through tuition costs, and donors.
So naturally there is a bigger push to give back and raise money at a private school. At Marian the biggest fundraiser of the year is student-led and is better known as Walk-A-Thon (WAT). The WAT fundraiser is different than most as students aren’t given anything to raffle off or sell, but instead just encouraged to bring in donation money from family, friends, and neighbors. On the final day of WAT, scores are announced and the girls of Marian then set out to walk on various trails in Omaha.
The pressure throughout this fundraising process is intense and strongly encouraged amongst peers and faculty alike, and for this reason, junior Gillian Krueger, who has attended public school and private school alike says, “I prefer public school fundraising over Catholic fund raising. It’s a lot less pressure and people can get crazy.”

Junior Gabrielle Mainelli, who also attended public school until high school says, “Public school fundraising is more relevant and the money goes to a better cause.” Mainelli then went on to explain that public schools have less high tech facilities and the funds go to help improve the technology.

Public school kids are often given brochures full of different foods and other home goods to sell. These kids are offered cool prizes as encouragement to sell these goods. Most public schools do not make as great an effort to encourage kids to raise money, but is just as beneficial as fundraising for a private school.
School fundraising is beneficial for both public and private schools although it may vary from intense door to door fundraising to the less intense cookie dough purchasing.

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