Dealing with rejection the WAT way

By J1 Reporter Allison Martin

 If you ever ask anyone to donate to a fundraiser, your chances of being rejected is always a 50/50. In the chance of being rejected, you usually have a good idea on what the person will say. The simple rejections usually include, “Sorry, it just isn’t a good time.” or “I don’t have any money on me, sorry.”

However it is a little different if you’re a Marian girl raising money for Walk-A-Thon (WAT). As a Marian girl, your rejection is more like “Sorry, my second cousin’s neighbor’s niece goes to Mercy and therefore I can’t donate.” or something along those lines. Either way, rejection is a normal part of going door to door raising money for WAT. Every girl, no matter what year, experiences it.

Freshman Sara Lighthart went door to door for her first year of WAT. After going through two blocks of houses, she only raised $20. Lighthart said, “I felt a little depressed and almost poor that everyone kept rejecting me.” But she was not the only one with bad luck.


Door-to-door fundraising may prove  to be difficult.

Junior Michaela Steier has been going door-to-door the past three years, which has given her quite a few rejection stories. This year she experienced her favorite rejection yet. Steier said, “A lady asked for her money back after she gave me $20. She actually followed me down the street and demanded her money back.” It turns out the lady realized her niece goes to Duchesne, so she “probably shouldn’t donate.” This little moment was embarrassing at the time, but later a big laugh for Steier.

Although the rejection hurts, both girls still recommend going door-to-door. Lighthart knows every dollar counts, so the multiple rejections were worth it. Steier said going every year has helped her make a closer bond with her neighbors. This connection helps her raise more money. “It really pays off in the end,” Steier said, “You need to shake off the rejections and keep on going.”

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