Freshmen Experience Their First Walk-A-Thon

By J1 Reporter Allison Ostapowicz

In 1991 the marian year book tells us that the Marian senior class threatened to have ‘Freshmen kill day’ since freshman didn’t make their goal for Walk-A-Thon. In 2016, freshmen met their goal and thankfully, no threats were made. When Walk-A-Thon comes around, the competition does kick off. Yet, the freshman are a bit clueless as to what all of this means considering it’s their first time participating.
Lydia Larson, Class of 2020, said she “Sort-of knows” what WAT is all about.

While Mary Said, also Class of 2020, says she is “very confused” and all she knows is that we “simply raise money and walk”.
Walk-A-Thon was on Friday, Sept. 30. All the girls were itching in their skin before finding out the overall scores.

The scores came out to be seniors with first place, juniors with second, sophomores with third, and freshmen with fourth place.
Then, the time came to walk on a beautiful 75 degree fall day. After the freshmen’s 4-mile walk, both Larson and Said said they thought the route would be different and that it felt a lot shorter than it was. Overall, both girls said they enjoyed Walk-A-Thon and had a lot of fun.


Freshmen experiencing their first 4-mile walk. Jumping with joy while having fun and realizing the walk is almost over.

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