Generous donors give without details

By J1 Reporter Audrey Yost

As students gathered in the gym on Friday, Sept. 30 to start this year’s Walk-A-Thon, some students cheered and others quivered as they were given the results. But, where does this all start?

It all starts with the donors.

According to current grandparent Mary Lou Diers, here’s an inside look on what it’s like to give. “We have a granddaughter that goes to Marian, and we would support her always. We always feel very confident supporting Marian in any manner.”

The big question that most people ask, is what the money will be going towards. “We did not know specifically where the money was going, other than to support our own child and her school,” Diers said.

“We would certainly encourage others to give to the Walk-A-Thon, if they had a student participating in the activity. It seems to me that this is a somewhat specialized request, maybe centering around family, close friends, and Marian alums. Not sure if I would see a door-to-door type of campaign here.”

MK_WAT16 - 47.jpg

On Sept. 30, the Senior class departs for their walk, wearing the 2016 Walk-A-Thon t-shirts.

But many students do go beyond family and friends and try the door-to door method.

“For Walk-A-Thon I ask my grandparents, then I usually go door to door for money too. I think it is a good way to raise awareness of Marian,” Junior Caroline Johnson said.

When donations come back to the school, it follows a specific process.

This year for Walk-A-Thon, students collected money. When they came to school, it was put in an envelope with a green piece of paper. The paper stated how much money they raised, the address of the donor, and their name. The donors will then receive a thank you from the school for their donation in a few weeks.

But, donors need to be given the details of what the money is going toward. According to the 2016 Walk-A-Thon student packet, the money will help with tuition assistance, update facilities, new technology, and encourage Marian students to serve others in their communities through new opportunities.

The Marian student body is grateful for the willingness of donors to give so generously to the Marian community. But, some people might not be so generous; they might want those details we forget to mention.

“It is often hard to put into words what the money will be used for. It’s much easier when the potential donor knows about Marian from the start,” Johnson said.

Junior Grace Sall expressed an awkward situation where she went to a house asking for a donation, only to have them reply, “No, we support Mercy, sorry!” Not everyone will be as generous as students would like, but Marian girls need to remember to give their details. People can always change their mind. Especially when they realize it is partly for tuition assistance, that is a real clincher for most people!

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