“Go Fund Me” brings in bucks

By J1 Reporter Hayley Golden

This past Friday, hundreds of girls gathered at Marian for their annual fundraiser, Walk-A-Thon.

After four weeks of fundraising, the girls managed to raise $125,000 for the school. The seniors donated the most money, putting them in first place. Next came the juniors, followed by the sophomores, and freshmen.

Part of the success of this years fundraiser is thanks to a website called “Go Fund Me.” The website allows an individual to set up an account where people can donate. Seniors, juniors, and sophomores all created an account for their grade.

Principal Mrs. Susie Sullivan said she was “excited about the new program,” and added that it was “a smart way to raise money.”

Although many liked the new program, it proved to be controversial among many students.

Junior Grace Hahler didn’t like the new fundraising method at first. “I thought it was a little strange to see that there was a ‘Go Fund Me’ account. I didn’t think it was the most appropriate way of raising money, because Walk-A-Thon is about going door to


Go Fund Me logo. 

door asking people in person, or when you’re calling a relative to personally talk to them.”

Hahler later came to realize that the new website wasn’t so bad, and concluded that it was a good was to get money from people who didn’t live in Nebraska.

After a few weeks of fundraising, the three participating grades closed their accounts, and collected the money. The maker of the account decided whether they wanted to receive the money by a check, or bank transfer.

Overall, the seniors ended up making the most money with the new fundraising technique, raising $3,000. The juniors made $820, while the sophomores followed with $520.

Even with some controversy, the new fundraising method proved to be a success, and helped to bring in an extra $4,340 for the school.

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