Juniors go for gold, take home silver

By J1 Reporter Makayla Sedlacek


Juniors get pumped as they walk the second place Walk-A-Thon route on Sept. 30

In the morning of Friday Sept. 30, more than 150 juniors sat with their hearts racing, bodies shaking, holding hands with each other. “I felt really anxious, I couldn’t stop moving around, I wanted to know the results so bad,” junior Kylie Champion said.

It was your typical Friday morning in September. Outside, the air was calm. Inside the East Gym, however, was a different story. The tension was so thick you could’ve cut it with a knife. Nearly 700 students held their breath as the winner of Walk-A-Thon (WAT) was announced by the Class Officers.

The gym was dead silent as the Class Officers pulled the colored paper with the results out of a manilla envelope. Within the next second, all that would change. Suddenly the gym was in an uproar as the entire student body stood and cheered for their class’s placement.

Although the Junior class ended up in second place, nearly $10,000 behind the Senior class, the girls were still happy that their fundraising went to a good cause. “People get very competitive in it, but in the end all the money goes to the same place,” junior Kalli Pettit said. The more than $30,000 raised by the Junior class will certainly go toward some good around the school.

Juniors may have taken silver this fall, but they still have another shot at winning next year, when they hope to finally take home the gold.

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