Marian students have big plans after Walk-A-Thon

By J1 reporter Anna Kilzer

Every year since 1985, Marian has raised money through the school’s only  student-led fundraiser known as Walk-A-Thon. The students raise money weeks in advance for this walk, hoping to reach the final goal, which was $90,000 this year. The walk took place on Sept. 30, a day that Marian girls had been looking forward to for quite a while.

For many students, this day was more than just a day to walk a route with their class. Junior Sydney Schumacher, who finished the 2-mile walk with her class by 10:30 am, was picked up after school and went to get her license. Because she has been 16 for six months, Schumacher said, “I am excited to finally be able to drive myself where I want to go.”

With an early dismissal that allowed students to be free to leave school as soon as they finished walking their routes, several Marian girls also had school-related activities to attend after the walk. 

Seniors Lucy Fishburn and Madison Bosilevac, who finished their 1-mile walk by 10 am,  said, “We’re going to Marian’s Freshman Retreat meeting for all group leaders after walking.” At this meeting, core team members announced the theme for the retreat, groups leaders picked their themes, and everyone present prayed for Marian’s Class of 2020.

Girls on Marian’s freshman volleyball team, who finished their 4-mile walk by 11 am, participated in a tournament after Walk-A-Thon. The tournament was at the Lied Activity Center in Bellevue, NE, and the team’s last game ended around 7:30 pm. The players then got dressed for Creighton Prep’s freshman homecoming in the locker room, had their parents take pictures, and arrived at the dance in a party bus.

With all of these activities and more, Marian students filled their afternoon with a variety of experiences.


Freshmen who just finished their 4-mile walk. Marian students had a seemingly perfect day for their walk, then went on to participate in a variety of activities.

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