O’Doherty saves the day

By J1 Reporter Maria Determan

Some may say that Walk-A-Thon is “all about the money.” But Business Office Staff member Mrs. Julie O’Doherty would say, “It’s all about the spreadsheet.”

Each year O’Doherty dedicates hours upon hours doing one laborious task: counting money.

With her three of her “friends for life” and loving husband, they count all money turned in by students. O’Doherty has been counting since she began working at Marian in 2008.

By now, her process is organized and efficient. She said, “We sit in three different sections. Each person takes a class, opens envelopes, counts money, and makes sure each envelope dollar amount matches. Then we staple homerooms together, add the total, and balance checks.”

Not only do they count, organize, and verify, but the team also deposits money into the bank and enters all data into a large spreadsheet.


Mrs. Julie O’Doherty counts WAT money in the Business Office with a smile

The biggest collection O’Doherty has ever encountered came from last year’s competitive classes. The grand total rang in at $158,951.64 – and they counted every penny. “It was a little different than last year because we didn’t collect as much that first collection but the other three collections were pretty much the same” O’Doherty said.

On days when the work stretches on, lunch is provided for the hard working team. She added, “They always get doughnuts in the morning!”

Some Wednesdays, they stay from 10 a.m.-4 a.m. In the end, O’Doherty admits that the tough work is worthwhile. She said, “A lot of the money goes to some very good projects that are supported through Walk-A-Thon.”

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