Racing to get the gold

By J1 Reporter Evelyn Paul

Some students will do whatever it takes to win Walk-A-Thon. On Friday Sept. 30 Marian had their annual Walk-A-Thon. The students sat in their assigned spots in the East Gym and waited anxiously for the results to be announced. With pounding hearts and gripping hands, the totals were revealed.

The students were able to raise $125,000. Despite the slow start to the tradition, in the first three weeks of collection the students passed the goal by $35,000. How hard did the students work for it is the question. The first Walk-A-Thon school goal was set around $25,000. This year however the goal was set at $90,000. Every year the school goal would raise just a little bit. The first year the goal wasn’t even met.


Senior and Junior Class Officers wait to reveal their places.

After the cheers in the gym subsided, it was clear that the Seniors got first place, followed by the Juniors, then the Sophomores and last but not least the Freshmen. Juniors were able to get first on the first two collection dates. They then tied with the Seniors on the third collection date. The Seniors had somehow managed to catch up quickly.

The Juniors had taken an early lead but it wasn’t enough to get first place. In the end the Juniors took first on the first two collection dates and tied with the Seniors on the third. Many of the students felt they had a strategy going into the fundraiser this year. Junior Isabel Romero said she did. Romero said her strategy was trying to bring in money and not procrastinating, being in a group.

Last year the students broke records by raising the most money ever for Walk-A-Thon. The school goal was $88,000 and the students raised $158,951.64, passing it by about $70,900.

Even incoming freshman, Jackline Paul, 8th grader at All Saints has a strategy. “I would ask all of my old teachers and try to raise as much as I can. I’ll ask everyone I know to donate at least $5 and I won’t take no for an answer,” she said.  These strategies prove to work time and time again. No matter how much or how little you bring in, your money counts.

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